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Reality Check, Inc. takes the privacy of our end users ("End Users") seriously. We recognize that privacy is an important issue, so we design and operate our services with the protection of your privacy in mind. This privacy policy ("Policy") explains how your personal information and information regarding you is collected, used, and disclosed by Reality Check, Inc. ("Reality Check, Inc.", "us" or "we") with respect to the services referred to in this Policy. This Policy applies to the websites provided by Reality Check, Inc. (collectively the "Sites"), wtkJams services and Where's the Karaoke? ™ services (collectively, "Services"). This Policy does not apply to websites, applications or services that display or link to different privacy statements.

How We Collect and Use Information

When you use Services, we may request information, including your public name, an email address, your cell phone model to create your Customer account. We use such information to manage your account and to provide you with access to the Services. We may also use the information to notify you of updates to the Services and provide you with access to special promotions.

We place email links on the Sites to allow you to contact us directly. The information you provide, which may include personal information, is used to respond directly to your questions or comments. We may also file your comments to improve the Sites and Services, or review and discard the information.

When you log into a public venue, we track the location (if you allow it) so that we can show other Where's the Karaoke? ™ users the locations of Karaoke events.

When you search for a song, add or remove a song from Tonight or Favorites, we track that information so that we can show other Where's the Karaoke? ™ users what songs are currently hot. The information may also be used to describe a venue as to the type of music that is commonly requested there.

In the unfortunate event of a crash, the information is sent to us so that we can analyze, and hopefully quickly resolve the issue with an update.

No Warranty / No Responsibility

All information contained on this Service is provided for entertainment purposes only, and it is provided "as is" and without warranty. Any express or implied warranties are explicitly disclaimed, including, but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. Reality Check, Inc. also disclaims liability for any errors, either typographical or otherwise.